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The procedures that an insurer has to carry out with its clients seem endless: signatures, agreements, copies and compliance. None of this adds value to the service and in many cases causes conflicts and defenselessness on both sides as the agreements are not signed on paper. All this can be reduced to a click on your screen and that of your clients: hiring, communication of claims, shipping and delivery of documentation ...

Available now on any device saving costs and time. Your efficiency is the security of tomorrow.

The client receives the policy request by email or SMS, being able to sign immediately and in multiple ways: OTP *, Digitized signature, challenge, etc.

Conditions Update

The entity can send the update of the conditions of a policy using any of the means at its disposal: email, SMS or postal address. Evicertia certifies the content of the communication, the recipient and the date / time of dispatch.

GDPR consent

The client receives an email or an SMS with the complete content of the GDPR clauses, being able to mark the options that he accepts. Evicertia records all the elements of the transaction: Time, recipient, accepted options and electronic signature.

Claims Settlement

The client receives a notification via email or SMS with the details of the settlement of his claim. In addition to being able to accept or reject, you can attach data such as the bank account on which the settlement will be made.

Cancellations and Cancellations

The customer can be reliably informed by email, SMS or postal notification. The evidences of the recipient content and the moment are generated. All this with full legal validity.

Life Test electr. Certified

The customer receives a link that they can open on their camera device. You are asked for a double-sided identity document and a selfie with proof of life. Evicertia performs a recognition, validation and OCR of the document as well as a facial matching between the photograph of the document and the image of the selfie. All elements are certified.

Premium Update

The customer receives the document showing the new conditions of his contract by email or SMS. Evicertia records the delivery and the possible acceptance or rejection as well as the comments in the event of rejection.

SEPA mandate

The client receives the Know command independently or together with other documents to be signed. The client signs the document, stating the entire process, content, time stamp and compliance.

In all cases, Evicertia generates, custody and certifies the content of the documents and communications, the identity of the sender, the recipient, the acceptance or rejection, the signature method, as well as the time at which each one of the steps.

OTP *: One Time Password. One-time secret code sent to mobile or email.


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