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Dealing with clients and suppliers for a financial institution is increasingly carried out through digital channels. Electronic banking users in Spain have grown 65% since 2010 and one in two banking users worldwide already only uses mobile banking to interact with the entity. How about you facilitate all these processes? Through Evicertia services you can streamline all procedures, contact and deal with your clients, notify them of changes in the contracted conditions, claim payments, send binding promotional offers ... even allow complex processes such as digital onboarding (KYC) or establish systems " invisible ”to certify all your Electronic Banking and Mobile Banking operations without changing your user experience.


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The client receives a link to sign the contract by email, SMS or within a browsing process of the entity. The contract and attachments are signed by advanced electronic signature. The process is complete in a couple of minutes. With total security and traceability and full legal guarantees.


The client receives a communication by email or SMS informing of the details of his overdraft, the communication being certified as well as the date and time.

Responses to offers

The client receives a promotional offer in which a link is inserted to sign the contracting conditions immediately. The answer has probative value and full guarantees for both parties.

Modification of Products

The entity can send the update of the conditions of a financial product using any of the means at its disposal: email, SMS or postal address. Evicertia certifies the content of the communication, the recipient and the date / time of dispatch.

Hiring of Tarj. Credit

Evicertia can be integrated into the card contracting flow in various parts, from the validation and OCR of the identity document, the communication of the conditions or the signing of the card contract. All this without paper and with full guarantees.

Client Registration

The customer starts the process on their camera device. You are asked for a double-sided identity document and a selfie with proof of life. Evicertia performs a recognition, validation and OCR of the document as well as a facial matching between the photograph of the document and the image of the selfie. All elements are certified.

Credit Expansion

The client can request a credit extension on the entity's website or App, which will cause the immediate opening of a tab in their browser where they can accept the new conditions in certified mode.

Advanced Signature

Evicertia provides a certification system for electronic transaction Logs, with custody of their details and the possibility of generating affidavits corresponding to a particular event.

In all cases, Evicertia generates, custody and certifies the content of the documents and communications, the identity of the sender, the recipient, the acceptance or rejection, the signature method, as well as the time at which each one of the steps.

OTP *: One Time Password. One-time secret code sent to mobile or email.

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